10 Indonesian Cuisine That Makes You Sure, This Country Is a Delicious Food Paradise!

10 Indonesian Cuisine That Makes You Sure, This Country Is a Delicious Food Paradise!

Every country has special food that cannot be separated from the daily lives of its people. If in Japan you are familiar with sushi and in Italy you are familiar with pasta, Indonesia also has many special foods that are certainly familiar to you.

Travelokal has summarized 10 typical Indonesian foods that you may have tasted or even become your favorite food every day. It is said that many Indonesian people abroad feel that they miss the foods below, you know. Curious what are the 10 foods that are included in the Traveloka list? Check out the review below:

1. Rice uduk

For some Indonesians, uduk rice is the ideal dish to eat at breakfast. The uduk rice is not pure white like normal rice because it is cooked using coconut milk, bay leaves, orange leaves, laos, lemongrass, and salt. However, this does not reduce the deliciousness, instead it adds a distinctive savory and fragrant taste. In its presentation, ordinary uduk rice is combined with fried chicken, sliced ​​eggs, fried vermicelli, chili sauce, a sprinkling of fried onions, and crackers.

That said, uduk rice is a typical Betawi food. Not surprisingly, you can find a lot of uduk rice sellers in Jakarta, especially in the morning when people eat breakfast. Kebon Kacang is one area known for its uduk rice. Moreover, according to some sources, this area is also known as the pioneer of nasi uduk in Jakarta.

2. Nasi goreng

If you eat ordinary uduk rice in the morning, delicious fried rice is eaten anytime. Fried rice becomes a practical choice for those of you who have difficulty determining the menu to eat. No need to buy fried rice so, this culinary can also be cooked easily at home.

Although the name is the same, but fried rice in each region or city in Indonesia has its own characteristics. Surabaya’s red fried rice, for example, is bright red from tomato sauce with the addition of shredded chicken, scrambled eggs, pickled cucumbers, and crackers that tempt tastes. There is also Padang fried rice which is famous for its spicy taste and is sometimes cooked using rendang seasoning.

3. Bakso

Meatballs have never lost their fans. Meat balls warm soup served with vermicelli and mustard is delicious to eat in the rain. For those who like spicy, a bowl of meatballs complete with additional chili sauce will present its own sensation when eating it.

One of the famous meatball dishes in Indonesia is meatballs from Malang, East Java. According to several sources, the cold air of Malang city makes local people want to enjoy hot foods to warm the body. This is touted as the origin of Malang meatballs.

What makes Malang’s different meatballs different is the addition of fried dumplings in the bowl. Now, you don’t need to come directly to Malang to be able to taste these special meatballs because there are already many culinary places serving Malang-style meatballs in various cities.

4. Sate

Satay, pieces of meat that are skewered and grilled and served with peanut sauce or sweet soy sauce can instantly shake your tongue. Generally, satay sellers with many carts operate in the afternoon until the evening, unless you look for them in restaurants or large restaurants.

For those of you who want to taste different satay dishes, please come to Yogyakarta. Here, there is one type of satay which is famous for its unique taste and presentation, its name is Klathak Pak Pong Satay. This satay made from mutton is skewered using iron bars. Iron bars are believed to conduct heat well so that the cuts of meat can be cooked perfectly. In addition, the meat is also not much seasoned, only uses salt and pepper, then served with warm rice and curry broth.

5. Soto

In Indonesia, a culinary called Soto is familiar. You will not find it difficult to find various types of soto typical of the archipelago, some famous soto come from Padang, Betawi, and Lamongan.

Soto is a type of fresh soup food with pieces of chicken or beef and sprinkled with fried onions on it. However, each region actually has its own characteristics in the presentation of the soup. For example, soto Betawi whose broth is not clear but thick with coconut milk, or Soto Lamongan which is studded with tasty and tasty koya powder. Even in Medan, there are soto which use additional ingredients such as shrimp and thick coconut milk sauce. Soto is known by the name Soto Kesawan and become one of the culinary must try when visiting Medan.

6. Rendang

Who does not know this delicious dish from Padang? Rendang even ranked first in World’s 50 Best Food, a survey result released by CNN in 2011. The achievement achieved by rendang is indeed not surprising, this savory and rich culinary flavor has become a favorite of many Indonesians and foreign tourists visiting the archipelago.

Rendang may indeed not be food that can be served every day at the dinner table, unless you look for it in a Padang restaurant or restaurant. This is because the cooking process takes a long time to get the right texture and taste on the tongue. Rendang is suitable to be enjoyed with a plate of warm rice made from beef mixed with coconut milk and selected spices.

7. Rawon

From its appearance, the pitch black dish with pieces of meat and potatoes may be less attractive. But if rawon has touched your tongue, one portion will never be enough. Food which according to some sources comes from Surabaya is usually served with bean sprouts, chili sauce, salted eggs, and a plate of warm rice.

The black color of rawon comes from the family or kluwek, which is one of the special spices of Indonesia. Keluak comes from the Kepayang tree and has a distinctive shape, rounded triangle with hard shell skin. Before it can be used as a spice in cooking, ordinary papaya fermented by means of being buried in the ground for approximately 40 days. In addition to making black rawon, papaya also gives a distinctive taste to rawon which is savory and slightly fresh sour.

8. Bubur ayam

Chicken porridge is delicious to eat for breakfast. Savory porridge with a variety of toppings can make you ready for the day. Usually, porridge that is still hot will be given a sprinkling of shredded chicken, cakwe, fried onions, sliced ​​leeks, chips, and eggs according to the buyer’s request. In fact, there are also traders who prepare intestine satay and chicken gizzard liver to complement chicken porridge.

In almost all major cities in Indonesia, you will have no trouble finding chicken porridge traders on the roadside. Chicken porridge which is fairly practical and tastes delicious is the right choice anytime you need to eat in a relatively fast time.

9. Gorengan

Fried food is inseparable from the daily life of Indonesians. Just imagine, fried food can be accepted in the middle of a company meeting as a snack, a fun hangout with friends, or as an appropriate snack when drinking tea with family at home.

These kinds of fried foods. Fried foods that are commonly sold are tempeh, tofu, sweet potatoes, bananas, cassava, cireng, and spring rolls. When you buy fried foods, you also get a bonus of cayenne pepper as a flavor enhancer. It is not difficult to find fried foods because the sellers usually park the cart on the roadside or in front of the mini market.

10. Martabak

Martabak can be categorized as a snack or heavy food because it is quite filling. Consists of two types namely sweet martabak and egg martabak, both are equally delicious to eat while warm.

Getting here, sweet martabak and eggs undergo a lot of recipe and appearance modifications. Sweet Martabak now has increasingly diverse toppings and fillings ranging from Nutella chocolate jam, Oreo biscuits, green tea, red velvet and others. As for egg martabak, one of the new types that is much interested is the egg martabak with melted mozzarella cheese.

Although only 10 are mentioned, other culinary archipelago is no less interesting to taste. In addition, the most delicious way to eat a variety of culinary above is of course by flying directly to the area of ​​origin and enjoying the original processed recipes. One tip for you who will be traveling and trying a variety of culinary specialties of the archipelago directly in his hometown, first empty your stomach so you can be more satisfied dining there. Happy traveling!


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